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Larger Payload

55L spraying tank/80L spreading tank

BRO V9 Flight Controller

Super algorithm,dual redundancy CUP

Large Flow Impeller Pump

Dual pump max 20L/min

Centrifugal Sprinkler

Even droplet,lock valve prevent leakage

Modular Design

More convenient for disassemble and maintenance

Industry Grade Protection

IP67 protection for harsh working environment

1080P FPV Gimble Camera

Angle Adjustable,efficient for mapping

Three-way Radar

Accuracy and Safety

Highlight Searchlight

Improve working safety at night

Truss-style Structure Design

New designed truss- style structure with foldable arms to reduce the body size. High strength aviation aluminum alloy beans equipped with reinforced ribs minimize damage caused by accidence.Integrated pluggable spraying system compatible with spraying and spreading functions.


The new version spreader adopts upper and lower segmented drive shaft design.Screws are screwed externally, so won’t stick fertilizers and can be easily disassembled and assembled from outside.The motor wiring is external to prevent fertilizers and liquids from entering the electric control hatch.

New Generation Heavy Payload Power System

The comprehensive introduction of CAN communication brings a closed loop between the flight controller and the thrust systems. All data is exchanged on "CAN bus".lmplement real-time data transmission between the flight controller and ESC/Motor.

Heavy payload motor,high strength blade

Quick disassembly design

ESC and motor disassembly only takes 1 minute

High reliability waterproof connector

Easy to install and maintain

Brouav V2 Intelligent Flight Control System

V2 system integrates high-precision inertial and satellite navigation sensors, the sensor data is preprocessed, drift compensation and data fusion in the full temperature range,obtain real-time flight attitude, position coordinates, working status and other parameters to complete the high-precision attitude and route control of the multi-rotor UAS platform.


  •  AB point memory operation
  •    Data Cloud Storage
  •    Field Planning
  •    Obstacle avoidance radar
  •    Real-time Battery Monitoring
  •    Night Navigation Function
  •  Aircraft Breakpoint Memory
  •    Empty tank warning
  •    Manual Operation Mode
  •    Position Retention Mode
  •    Terrain Following Radar
  •  Carbon Fiber Arm
  •    Excellent Battery Life
  •    FPV Gimble Camera
  •    High-precision GPS system
  •    IP67 Rating for Core Modules
  •    Weight Sensor

Route planning

Drone route planning is divided into three modes.Plot mode, Sweep mode and Fruiter mode.

Plot mode is a commonly used planning mode. 128 waypoints can be added.Freely set the altitude, speed, obstacle avoidance mode, and flight path.Automatically upload to the cloud, Convenient for the next spray planning.Sweep mode, the drone sprays the boundary of the planned area.Arbitrarily adjust the number of laps for sweeping flight operations.Fruit mode.Developed for spraying fruit trees.The drone can hover, spin and hover at a certain point. Freely choose waypoint/route mode for operation. Set fixed points or slopes to effectively prevent accidents.

Intelligent Power System

BRO smart lithium battery uses high energy cells and an advanced power management system to provide long-lasting power to BRO U series drone. The optimized battery cells and heat dissipation design effectively keep the temperature of the battery in check.                  
BRO intelligent charger supports single phase and three phase AC power input. Three phase AC input is the fast charging model,which can charge the relative battery fully in 10~15minutes.Additionally, the charger includes overcurrent protection, overcharging protection, under-voltage protection,overheating protection, and status display.


Large Capacity


10min Fast Charging


Overcharging Protection


Overcurrent Protection


Over Voltage Protection


Short Circuit Protection

Ultra bright Screen,Convenient Control

Build-in cooling system,more than 6 hours operation time, less than 2 hours charging time.

The handheld ground station supports multi-language switching. It can perfectly display more than 10 languages such as English, Spanish, Korean, and Russian.Supports multiple ways of network connection such as WiFi and 4G connection. The dual antenna signals complement each other with super high sensitivity. Greatly enhance the communication ability of weak signals.


Di14000E High Power Generator


Max power 11Kw


10 min fast charging


Single phase/three phase compatibility

Area sharing

Users can share plots.The plant protection team downloads the plots from the cloud,edits and delete plots. Share the planned plots through your account. You can check the planned plots uploaded to the cloud by customers within five kilometers. Provide plot search function, enter keywords in the search box, you can search and locate plots that meet the search criteria and display pictures.

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